Go for Your Goals

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How to finally achieve the goals you've always wanted...

In the past, have you ever given up on a new goal after exhausting your energy and losing focus?

Everyone experiences it at some point, and it's a real shame. Instead of achieving our biggest and most important dreams, we end up spinning our wheels and beating ourselves up.

Even worse, we might start to believe that maybe we simply don't have the determination and grit to accomplish our biggest goals.

But that’s just not true.

The real problem isn’t you or your grit. Rather, it has to do with goal-setting advice that sets you up for failure.

My bet is that you've tried all the popular advice on goal-setting, only to be let down.

Unlike what you might think, a perfectly crafted S.M.A.R.T. goal won't help you to achieve your dreams. Keeping track of your progress does not guarantee you won't fall off the wagon tomorrow. And all the visualization in the world won’t guarantee your dreams becoming reality either.

So if you’ve been following that advice without getting consistent results...it’s not your fault.

The popular advice tells you *how* to set a goal, but not whether you *should* set a goal. Or it may focus on vision boards and not enough on action steps. Or it teaches you to track your progress, but not how to course-correct when you suffer a setback.

No wonder you haven’t been able to solve the puzzle of setting goals and maintaining momentum over the long term. You haven’t been given all the pieces.

In this course, you’ll discover the FULL step-by-step process to achieve your biggest dreams. You’ll learn exactly what actions you need to take to set yourself up for success; how to choose goals that you’re passionately committed to achieving; and how to create the unwavering focus, momentum, and resilience you’ll need to cross the finish line.

With Go For Your Goals, you’ll discover:

    • The 5 keys to setting powerful goals that activate your built-in motivation, so you don’t need to rely on willpower
    • How to shake off other people’s expectations and set the goals that are most meaningful for YOU
    • How to find the fuel tocreate lasting changes, so you never lose focus on your goals
    • How to reverse-engineer your goals, so you know the exact steps you’ll take to create your dream life
    • How to keep your “motivation muscle” in top shape, so you follow through on your biggest priorities
    • How to use 90-day milestones to stay on target, so you’ll reach your goal on the timeline you’ve set
    • How to turn giant goals into an achievable action plan, so you know where to start and you won’t get overwhelmed
    • 2 proven techniques for tracking your progress that’ll make you excited to keep moving forward
  • The weekly ritual that keeps important goals from slipping off your radar
  • 7 tactics to ensure that you stick to and achieve your goals
  • The 5 obstacles that derail goals — and how to overcome them all

When you join Go For Your Goals: How to Find (and Achieve) The Goals That Really Matter to You, you get more than a list of ideas, tactics, and strategies. You get a step-by-step PROVEN process for making your dreams a reality.

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    Goals are your tools for creating a happy, healthy, fulfilling life. In this lesson, you’ll create a rich vision of your future and learn the 5 keys to realizing your dreams.


    Learn the secrets to setting juicy goals that spark your passion, motivate you to action, and dial your commitment up to 11.


    Learn how to track your progress and discover the secret weapon for maintaining an unwavering focus on your goals.


    Discover 7 ways to stay the course and avoid the pitfalls that derail goals.


    Start your transformative journey with a full toolkit of strategies to keep you on track and moving forward.

Each lesson contains targeted activities to help you apply the concepts to your own life and take immediate action on realizing your dream.

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