We've Got You Covered

  • As an organization, you want to ensure that everyone is supported, but it's not easy. People have different learning styles, different learning needs, and the pace at which they learn varies as well. Our micro courses help you provide learning and development solutions for everyone in your organization no matter who they are or what they need.

  • Micro courses are not intended to replace a business diploma or an MBA. They are, however, designed to provide bursts of knowledge when the learners needs it most. Micro courses can effectively be used to support or supplement formal training. This way people can more quickly ramp up certain competencies or essential skills.

  • Our micro courses are organized into learning e-libraries: Foundations Library, Workplace Competency Library; and, Personal Wellness & Development Library. These e-libraries represent our holistic approach to providing resources for the whole person for everyone in your organization.

Benefits of Micro Courses

  • Relatively short in duration – we cut to the chase.
  • Available to you when you’re ready to learn – you set your pace.
  • Delivered in bit size nuggets – eliminate overwhelm.
  • Very focused on each topic – no rambling.
  • Customizable to meet your development needs – mix and match.
  • Actionable – thought-provoking discussion questions and exercises.
  • A clear picture of what success looks like once you master a skill – you know what the goal post looks like;
  • Ability to work at your pace; – we know that you likely have many demands on your time;
  • Easily digestible info bites – we’re not going to clutter your mind with irrelevant information;
  • Relevant exercises to help you lock it in – because we know that works;
  • BIG BONUS – a virtual coach – dedicated to your success.

Organization-wide Coverage

Whether someone is preparing for a new role, developing in their current role, or revisiting a foundational skill, like goal setting, or wanting to work on one's personal development and wellness, our learning libraries have you covered.

Today's work environment is complex and people expect more and more from their employer in education and development options. Our micro libraries are designed to meet these needs.

Support for Managers

Managing is a demanding job. Aside from being tasked with managing, managers are also required to be leaders. Managers today are often torn in many directions and expected to wear many hats. Besides dedicating time to their own development and career paths. managers are responsible for overseeing, coaching and mentoring their direct reports. Yet, they can't possibly be the experts in everything...they need help.

Our micro courses help managers put their fingers on workplace relevant tools exactly when they need it whether it's for themselves or for coaching and mentoring direct reports.

  • Our flagship Foundations e-Library is for people at all stages of their careers and lives. From learning new and more effective ways of accomplishing goals, becoming more resilient, to becoming a master strategist, fostering stronger relationships that last, learning to listen and more, we have you covered. Even if previous approaches haven't been successful, we offer proven approaches designed to lead to success.

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  • The Workplace Competency e-Library provides research-based job-related competencies essential to succeed in today's complex workplace. An e-Library such as this can be instrumental in enhancing individual success in the workplace for individuals in their current role or as they advance in their careers. Furthermore, managers appreciate the ease with which they can access competency-based coaching tools for their direct reports.

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  • We know that the whole person shows up to work each day. There has never been a bigger challenge in employee wellness and effectiveness than there is today, which is directly related to healthy working relationships and organizational success. The Personal Wellness & Development e-Library is designed to meet this need. A strong personal foundation will support everyone in your organization through many phases of their personal and professional lives.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you tell me what types of courses you offer?

The courses in our e-library are suitable for all career stages and grouped into three e-libraries:

  • The Foundations e-Library - We have resources to help individuals obtain new and more effective ways to accomplish goals, become more resilient, become master strategists, and more. Developing these skills is the key to success in any career.
  • The Workplace Competency e-Library provides research-based competency e-courses essential for success in today's complex work environments. These courses zero in on very specific competencies and include development worksheets and suggestions to accelerate learning. It isn't necessary to enroll in an extensive course in order to get those few nuggets that will make all the difference...sooner rather than later.
  • With the Personal Development & Wellness e-Library, learners can build a strong and healthy personal foundation that is crucial to success in all areas of their lives...including their careers. In today's workplace, employees expect support in areas not traditionally considered within the organization's responsibilities. As a complement to your current health and wellness initiatives, this e-library is an excellent resource.

Research-based competencies required to succeed in today's complex work environment.

Transferable, non-technical skills have emerged as the new currency in a global economy. The Workplace Competency e-Library is designed for people at all stages of their careers.

Is there a prescribed timeline for each micro course and module?

Yes, they can be. However, we recommend that each microcourse be open to all employees so they can work through them at their own pace. There are many studies attesting to the benefits of self-paced learning including higher engagement, improved retention, and reduced negative emotions.

Do the micro courses follow a specific schedule?

The answer is yes, they can be. It is recommended that all employees have access to the full micro course so they can work through them on their schedule. Studies have shown that self-paced learning has many benefits, including higher engagement, improved retention, and reduced negative emotions.

Can you accommodate us if we don't want some of the courses to be available via an e-library?

That's no problem at all. Our e-library can be customized to meet your needs. Please contact us to discuss you specific need.

How long will our employees have access to the e-libraries once we purchase them?

Subscriptions are for one year and are renewable annually. Everyone will have unlimited access to the entire library 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It will be no problem for us to time your subscription to correspond with your fiscal year.

How are the courses structured?

Each micro course is composed of multiple modules. Most Foundation and Personal Development and Wellness micro courses are 4-7 modules in length while most Workplace Competency micro courses are 3 modules in length. In most modules, instructional videos are accompanied by written material, discussion questions, and activity modules.

How long are the modules?

Here is a sample of one learning module within one of our micro courses:

  • Overview Video - 2min 28sec
  • An article - reading time less than 3min
  • First activity Video - 3min 40sec followed by a downloadable pdf activity worksheet
  • Discussion question with a response box for the learner to complete. The coach will see the learners input.
  • Second activity Video - 2min15sec followed by a downloadable pdf activity worksheet
  • Discussion question with a response box for the learner to complete. The coach will see the learners input.
  • Review “What did you Learn” question posed by the coach with a response box for the learner to complete.
  • Recap and “What is your biggest takeaway so far” discussion question with a response box for the learner to complete.

Could you please explain how virtual coaching support works?

Of course! Coaching support is provided by a member of the International Coach Federation who is trained as a coach. Either the learner replies to a discussion question posed by the coach or the coach responds to the learner's question. During the week, the coach will respond within 36 hours.

Can you tell me more about how managers and supervisors can use these courses to coach and mentor their direct reports?

As well as being a development tool for managers and supervisors, the courses are invaluable as coaching and mentoring tools. Assume, for instance, that a manager has a direct report who has trouble relating to others. Manager knows that forming working relationships that foster understanding and mutual respect between diverse people is essential, but struggles with coaching this direct report. The manager scanned through the Workplace Competency e-library and found the Relating to Others micro course to be exactly what he was looking for. The manager reviews some of the ways to develop this skill by scanning through the micro course modules. At the next meeting, the manager shares the insights gained with the direct report and encourages them to review the micro course and choose one activity. As a result, they are now on the right path. The direct report now has the necessary support to get on track for success; and, the manager feels more confident in coaching the direct report.

Is it possible to subscribe to just one e-library instead of all three?

Yes, absolutely. We want you to provide your people with the right solution that fits their needs and is compatible with other offerings your organization may have. There is a cost saving per e-library when bundled.

Is it possible to purchase courses individually?

Occassionally, we will offer some of our micro courses individually. Stay up-to-date on special offers and other news by signing up for our newsletter here.

Is there an option for a company-wide discussion forum for each micro course?

Yes, absolutely. You can make the discussion forum public within your organization or private so that only the coach can see what learners input. Learning can be enhanced through group discussion forums.

Does the platform allow learners to use pseudonyms? We wonder if they can, perhaps they will be more apt to participate in discussion forums.

Yes, learners can use either their real name or a pseudonym when setting up their profiles.

How does the pricing structure work?

Your investment in each e-Library is based on the number of FTEs in your organization. Please contact us to discuss your options. Pricing for individual courses that we may offer, will be published on our website.

Is it possible to add some of our own courses to one or more e-libraries?

The option is certainly there. It would be our pleasure to discuss this option with you.