In 30 days, Declutter Your Mind, Relieve Anxiety, and Sleep Better

Stop Worrying, Relieve Anxiety, and Sleep Better

 Declutter Your Mind, Relieve Anxiety, and Sleep Better IN 30 DAYS

The world seems to be getting louder, scarier, and more distracting with every day that passes and we’re paying the price in increased stress, anxiety, and distraction.

Endless to-do lists, after-hours work emails, overflowing inboxes, social media feeds, the 24-hour doom and gloom news cycle. At every moment, that stuff is cluttering up your mind, making it hard to focus on what really matters -- your family, your work, your own health and wellbeing.

It’s no wonder that so many of us feel frazzled, stressed out, and unfocused.

See, our minds weren’t really designed for modern life. We evolved in a world without smartphones and the internet, where major upheavals in technology, the economy, and our way of life happened rarely.

Now we’re living in a world that changes enormously every 5 or 10 years -- and the pace of change is only accelerating. Plus, our attention is increasingly fragmented. We jump from task to task, from app to app, from message to message without giving ourselves time to stop, think, and relax.

We need some way to clear our minds, so we can pay attention to the things that really matter, drop the stuff that doesn’t, and feel better and happier in our day-to-day lives.

In this course, you will learn why mindfulness is so beneficial to creating serenity in our harried lives, multiple ways you can practice it, and how you incorporate what you learned into your everyday life. And you’ll learn a set of simple techniques to practice daily, so you can reap all the benefits of mindfulness meditation.

In Declutter Your Mind, you’ll discover:

  • How to meditate effectively, even if you’ve never been able to before
  • How to meditate effectively, even if you’ve never been able to before
  • How to reframe your perspective, so difficult situations don’t feel so bad
  • The two crucial attitudes that help you manage stress with greater ease
  • A mindfulness practice you can use anytime, anywhere -- so you can stay calm and centered even in the middle of a difficult interaction or a stressful situation
  • A 3-minute practice that instantly relaxes you
  • The “anchor technique” and how it can improve your relationships with those around you
  • Simple tools for releasing fear, anxiety, worry, and anger
  • Quick ways to reduce distraction and restore your focus
  • How to integrate mindfulness into your day, so you continue rewire your brain for calmness, acceptance, and focus

When you join Declutter Your Mind, Relieve Anxiety, and Sleep Better In 30 Days, you’ll get the information, techniques, and training you need to fully incorporate mindfulness into your life.

Lesson Overiew

  • Week 1: About Mindfulness

    Learn what mindfulness is and how it works. See what it can do for you by testing out 4 new mindfulness techniques.

  • Week 2: Acceptance

    Learn how to decouple what’s happening from how you feel about it -- and notice an immediate difference in your mood and stress levels. This week you’ll discover several short mindfulness practices that help you cultivate more acceptance.

  • Week 3: Returning to the Moment

    This week you’ll practice several exercises designed to disrupt unhelpful thought patterns. You’ll learn techniques to help you stay present, calm, and peaceful in the moment.

  • Week 4: Integrating Mindfulness into Your Life

    You’ll experience some benefits of mindfulness right away -- but the true power of the practice only emerges over the long-term. This week you’ll learn how to incorporate mindfulness seamlessly into your life, so your sense of peace, clarity, and wellbeing continue to grow.

Declutter Your Mind, Relieve Anxiety, and Sleep Better In 30 Days, contains everything you’ll need to get started with a daily practice and experience the benefits of mindfulness firsthand.

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